CONTROL is a participative installation dealing with topics of control, intimacy and virtuality. In a VR-like setting the audience moves through different stages in an empty building while using first-person-perspective surveillance technology to experience the setting both in a virtual and an immersive context. Through the use of wireless video-cameras the audience is put into positions of control and obedience. The resulting setup has qualities of a VR-world, a computer game and a hierarchical organization.
The audience has to decide how to communicate with one-another and how to react to the scenery. It evokes as opposing reactions as togetherness, intimacy, fear, hierarchy, humor, confusion and excitement. The experiment-like setting allows for a rich palette of human interaction and depicts social and technological aspects of an artificial and systematized world.

All information and additional videos can be found here:

Commissioned by Ultima
Premiered 21/22 September 2018
With support of: bebeethoven2020

Alexander Schubert: Artistic Director / Performance / Choreography / Composition
Carl-John Hoffmann: Wireless Video & Audio
Heinrich Horwitz: Choreography Coach/ Dramaturgy
Donny Karsadi: Tech Assistant
Adrian Schmidt: Documentation
Charlotte Bösling: Short Film Clips

Decoder Ensemble: Carola Schaal, Sonja Lena Schmid, Jonathan Shapiro, Leopold Hurt, Andrej Koroliov
Guests: Rica Zinn, Pedro González Fernández, Trinh Hue Luong, Jana De Troyer, Eirini Aravidou, Anastasia Lakka-Boni, Daniel Müller, Panagiotis Botzios, Orestis Papaioannou, Arian Robinson, Joni Asitashvili, Harald Jordal Johannessen, Vilja Kwasny