Decoder @ Elbphilharmonie, Entities

07.12.2018. 20:30, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Unterdeck IV, „Entities“
curated by Heinrich Horwitz


Entity describes the existent, the existing, a thing, the essence of an object, the element necessary for its identity. The entity takes place, it is complete, it needs neither a name nor a label to be visible or define itself. It can be a vague idea or a concrete idea.

This evening we are looking for the entities of the musicians, the audience, the lobby, and the hall. The instruments, the architecture, the body and also the music, the expression are equally at the center of the inquiry. The heterogeneity of the entities is not an obstacle, but on the contrary highlighting it is the goal of the evening. Attempting to meet in diversity is the challenge.


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