Decoder @ Elbphilharmonie, Schnittmuster

26.03.2019. 20:30, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

A corn field, in the background, train tracks. A man enters the picture and looks at the audience, a train rushing by. Cut. Four mixing consoles pulsate in self-oscillation. Cut. The sounds and movements of the cello break up into a kaleidoscope of velocities a hit is dissected to the very basics of its suppressed excess, cut through the middle, interrupted by a strobe-lit, distant approximation of an icon. Cut.
In the evening curated by the filmmaker Daniel Kötter and the composer Hannes Seidl, the Decoder Ensemble plays volatile, interruptive, with hard contrasts and slight shifts.
Cutting between seeing and hearing, concert and cinema, inside and outside, approach and distance. Cut


Eintritt: 15 €€

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