Decoder @ Ultima, Control

21.09.2018. 17:00, Gamle Museet for samtidskunst - Nasjonalmuseet

Alexander Schubert: Control (WP)

Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Gamle Museet for samtidskunst – Nasjonalmuseet (Bankplassen 4), Oslo

21/9 17:00 + 22/9 13:00

Ticket: 250/150 NOK (participant) / 100 NOK (observer)


German composer Alexander Schubert presents a new concert installation that drags audience members into a closed system of manipulation and surveillance. Control is a participatory experience which takes place in various spaces in the cellars of an old bank building Oslo.

Each presentation involves a small audience group and several members of the Decoder Ensemble. During any presentation, the audience moves through different phases dealing with different setups of control, surveillance and virtuality.

Control works on numerous levels: breaking down the barrier between public and performer; placing them in situations where virtual reality can be deceptive; and forcing a remote interaction between participants. Audience members become part of the mechanism of control, altering the subject matter but becoming complicit in a hierarchical system.

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