Decoder @ Alexander Schubert’s SOLID STATE

18.11.2016. 19:00, Fleetstreet Theater, Hamburg DE

SOLID STATE is an audio-visual installation, which deals with the “rave” (party) experience and transcendence.
The room is transformed through the use of light, fog and surround sound into a multi-sensory hallucinative and ecstatic state.
It utilizes synchronous as well as shifting visual and auditive patterns to re-shape the perceived geometry of the room.
Due to the visibility limited to one meter the visitor can’t perceive the dimensions of the space he/she enters, resulting in disorientation and the need to let go of conscious control. The intensely strobing and continuously shifting visual stimuli impose intense patterns on the retina.
The installation is realised in two adjacent rooms connected by an open door, making use of perceptual phasing between the two spaces, thus overemphasizing the symbol of the door with it’s trip-like and almost sacramental appearance.
Expect a cross between a cognitive experiment and a post-rave psychological state.

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