Sampling, Recycling, Copy & Paste and Remix are standard techniques in contemporary art and music. The Decoder Ensemble dedicates a weekend with concerts, lectures live performance to this theme, thus exploring the possibilities and consequences of unlimited access to media in the digital age. Eight young composers grapple with these concepts in their greatly contrasting individual ways to create new works to be performed by the Decoder Ensemble. Guest DJ’s, performers and video artists round out the performances demonstrating how other artists approach the concept of remixing. Throughout the mini festival a video installation of remixes realised within the from Alexander Schubert conceived project, „Silent Posts“, takes place in the concert hall’s foyer.

Lectures and a roundtable discussion regarding the remix culture, and the gray area between artistic freedom and copyright infringement, take place in a neighboring room. 

Commisioned Composers:
Malte Giesen (*1988) – Ole Hübner (*1993)/Charlotte Bösling(*1992) – Leopold Hurt (*1979) –Matthias Kranebitter (*1980) – Philipp Krebs (*1994) – Johannes Kreidler (*1980) – Stefan Prins (*1979)– Kera Nagel/André Aspelmeier (incite/)

Further Information about the composers, guests, and program

1. September

Doors 20.00h
21.00h Concert I Decoder Ensemble
22.15h incite/ (Live-Set)


2. September
Terrace Hill

15.00-18.00h „The Remix Phenomena“ Lectures und Discussion
with Dr. Michael Rebhahn (Music Journalist), Benjamin Sprick (HFBK), Dr. Till Knipper. (Schott) and resident composers


Doors 19.00h
20.00h Sven Kacirek // Solo
21.15h Concert II Decoder Ensemble
22.30h Electric Indigo (Live-Set)



resonanzraum     Bunker Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg, 1. O G

Terrace Hill          Bunker Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg, 5. O G