Decoder @ NUMU

01.12.2023. 21:00

Decoder @ NUMU – Neue und ungedeckte Musik in Baden (CH)

Screenshot from Acceptance

Decoder presents solo works and the film Acceptance.

In der Aktionshalle Stanzerei, Merker-Areal
Bruggerstrasse 37
5400 Baden

Decoder @ Pan Music Festival

03.11.2023. 20:00

Photo: Gerhard Kühne

As part of the 51st Pan Music Festival in Seoul, Korea, produced by the ISCM Korea, Decoder will play works by their resident composers as well as World Premieres from young Korean composers.

Decoder @ Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Laura Bowler’s Advert (WP)

18.11.2023. 20:00

A piece by Laura Bowler

Exploring the idea of our ever growing tribalist society, this work draws focus on our desires to self advertise in order to ensure our place in our chosen tribes in the virtual and real life. The work will exist as a series of semi-autobiographical adverts, drawing from several key political and social experiences that can determine one’s tribe.

Performed by Decoder Ensemble, Iñigo Giner Miranda (piano)

Tattoo Artist: Julia Rehme

Decoder @ impuls Academy, Graz

30.07.2023. 19:00

24. – 31.07.2023

Photo by Gerhard Kühne

Decoder will be one of the Ulysses Ensembles in Residence at this years impuls Academy in Graz. From July 24 – 31 Decoder will be working with young composers, developing their works, and giving workshops.

Decoder @ Ultraschall Berlin, Dissociated Press

21.01.2023. 14:00

„Dissociated Press” by Leopold Hurt @ Ultraschall Festival Berlin

„Dissociated Press” is a concert-length cycle of compositions by Leopold Hurt, that began their creation in 2017. The instrumentation ranges from solo pieces with electronics to a septet – specifically conceived for the characteristic instrumentation of the Decoder Ensemble, with the guest speaker Heinrich Horwitz. Dissociated Press – as a pun on „Associated Press“ – utilizes an AI algorithm for automatic text generation based on known speech patterns. The cycle elaborates on this technique, exploring different approaches to the idea of “remix-ing“, both musically and with language. With variations of the material, sliding between original, copy, mashup and faking, the perception gradually shifts.

Musicians: Decoder Ensemble
Speaker: Heinrich Horwitz
Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Decoder @ IRCAM- Centre Pompidou, ANIMA™ von Alexander Schubert (World Premiere)

11.06.2022. 20:30

Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-06 a las 0.35.08


ANIMA™ is a performative experimental setting that utilizes the tools of artificial intelligence in order to question the human constructivist perception and the formation of identity. ANIMA™ is a fictional spiritual institution where performers engage in intoxicating interactions with variations of themselves.

Alexander Schubert artistic direction, composition
Patricia Carolin Mai choreography
Alexander Giesche outside eye
Lucas Gutierrez video
Stefan Britze set design
Felina Levits costumes
Diego Muhr lighting
Thomas Goepfer, Dionysios Papanicolaou IRCAM electronics
Luca Bagnoli sound diffusion
Antoine Caillon, Philippe Esling IRCAM-STMS scientific collaboration (Musical Representations team – ACIDS)
Guy Marsan, So-Ying Fung actors
Decoder Ensemble
Leopold Hurt, Andrej Koroliov, Carola Schaal, Sonja Lena Schmid, Jonathan Shapiro

Text Assistance: Michael Brailey
Choreographish Assistance: Lise Herdam, Ines Assoual
Production Mangament: Elisabeth Brunmayr
Production Assistance: Mirella Frenzel
Technical Coordination: Dennis Nähr

A Decoder Ensemble production, Co-produced by IRCAM- Centre Pompidou

With generous support from the  Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien as well as Elbkulturfonds der Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg, Impuls neue Musik, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Rudolf Augstein Stiftung, LICHTHOF Stiftung, Goethe Institut Paris, avec le soutien du réseau ULYSSES.

In cooperation with the LICHTHOF Theater as well as the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg and Kampnagel Hamburg