Decoder @ Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Strobes

08.08.2014. 19:30, Centralstation (Saal), Darmstadt DE


Gordon Kampe: Nischenmusik mit Klopfgeistern (2013)

Leopold Hurt: Five minutes or less (Decoder Cut, 2014)

Steven Daverson: Pegasus (2014) (World Premiere, Staubach Honoraria 2014)

Alexander Schubert: lucky dip (2013)

Andrej Koroliov: like my domination (die gelehrigen körper) (2013)


The Decoder Ensemble, founded in Hamburg in 2011, sees itself as a „band“ for contemporary music and is one of the most unpredictable formations in the young New Music scene. Surprising collaborations are as much a part of the program as a heavily electrified sound that ranges from experimental instrumental music via vocal acrobatics to musical concept art.

In addition to a premiere by Steven Daverson (commissioned for the Staubach Honoraria), the ensemble will present works that are stimulated primarily by phenomena outside the concert hall and controlled by them – be they voices of ghosts, animating electroshocks or excessive algorithms. The result, at any rate, is a sonic landscape that does not shy away from chaos and noise, while its enacted submission sometimes ends in techno intoxication or a dominatrix’s studio.

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