Decoder @ Elbphilharmonie, Dissociated Press

20.04.2023. 20:30


„Dissociated Press” by Leopold Hurt @ Elbphilharmonie

„Dissociated Press” is a concert-length cycle of compositions by Leopold Hurt, that began their creation in 2017. The instrumentation ranges from solo pieces with electronics to a septet – specifically conceived for the characteristic instrumentation of the Decoder Ensemble, with the guest speaker Heinrich Horwitz. Dissociated Press – as a pun on „Associated Press“ – utilizes an AI algorithm for automatic text generation based on known speech patterns. The cycle elaborates on this technique, exploring different approaches to the idea of “remix-ing“, both musically and with language. With variations of the material, sliding between original, copy, mashup and faking, the perception gradually shifts.

Musicians: Decoder Ensemble
Speaker: Heinrich Horwitz
Duration: approx. 60 minutes


Eintritt: 15€

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