Decoder @ Mittersill Composer’s Forum (kofomi) Silent Posts I

11.09.2017. 19:00

4-er-Foto Mittersill

Mittersill Composer’s Forum (KoFoMi) Sept 11th-17th 2017

Decoder & friends – Ensemble in Residence

cello – Sonja Lena Schmid

clarinet – Carola Schaal

video – Charlotte Bösling (guest)

e-guitar, composition – Raphael Vanoli (guest)

Mittersill is the place where the Austrian composer Anton Webern died in 1945, the Mittersill Composers‘ Forum was founded in 1996 as a living monument for Anton Webern. After 20 years the Composer’s Forum started with a new interdisciplinary concept.


Elisa Andessner (A) – visual artist from Linz, photography, video, performance

Hui Ye (CHN) – composer, video, installation, transart, living in Vienna

Helmut Seethaler (A) – poet, poems in public space („Zettelgedichte“, „Pflückgedichte“)

Ulrich Bassenge (D) – composer and radio artist from Regensburg

Robert Michael Weiß (A) – pianist. composer, in Mittersill he will have a workshop in school and a

lecture concert in the frame of the symposium

Decoder & friends (D) bring a Alexander Schubert’s compositional concept „Silent Posts“ by to Mittersill, a remix project utilizing the snowball effect of remixing and modifying existing source pieces or already existing remixes of those pieces, generation after generation. All participants are invited to create new works based on the previous works, in collaboration with Decoder.


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