Decoder @ Musik Installation Nürnberg, DREAMS*, Day 1

07.07.2022. 00:00, Nürnberg


DREAMS* is a collaboration between Heinrich Horwitz, Sonja Lena Schmid, Jonathan Shapiro, Iggy Malmborg, Shlomi Moto Wagner and DJ Baby and will be on view at ZBau in Nuremberg from 07 – 10.07.2022, as part of the music installation. Heinrich Horwitz, director*, choreographer* and actor* from Berlin and Hamburg’s Decoder Ensemble have been working closely together since 2017. For DREAMS* they collaborate with an international team, with whom they create a cross-genre performance that ventures into artistic in-between worlds. Defined by historical half-beings and musical cyborgs that „queer“ the history of Nuremberg. Transformation, lucid dreaming, midsummer nights and a pleasant loss of time will accompany us through these endless new worlds. DREAMS* lures us into the garden of Nuremberg’s Z-Bau, a magical place for concerts and club nights that shines in a new light.

Heinrich Horwitz
Decoder Ensemble
Iggy Malmborg
Shlomi Moto Wagner
DJ Baby



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