Decoder @ Spor, The Way Sounds Go

06.05.2018. 19:00, Abne Scene Aarhus


The Way Sounds Go

a staged concert by Simon Steen-Andersen and the Decoder Ensemble

Centred around three new ensemble-specific versions of the video work “Run Time Error”, Steen-Andersen weaves together a staged concert event, combining music, video, light and performance. „Run Time Error“, „Asthma“, Steen-Andersen’s most recent piece, and excerpts from his music theatre work “If This Then That And Now What” offer alternative perspectives on everyday objects and activities like walking and running, opening and closing doors as well as exploring rube-goldberg-contraptions, ritualistic repetitions and found film footage. This builds a natural bridge to two ‘classic’ video works by Martin Arnold (“Pièce Touché”, 1989) and Fischli/Weiss (“Lauf der Dinge / The Way Things Go”, 1987), where similar elements play a central role and which could be seen as predecessors to a work like “Run Time Error”.

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